Monday, 27 February 2012

Welcome To the new look blog pages..

Yes welcome to my new Blog pages. I've added a few new pages, Just me & Project 2012, and a Shop!
As I find my way around this exciting new blogger I'm sure I'll be adding more pages so do keep calling back.

Just Me: is just about me really, I keep delving back in and re-jigging it.

Project 2012: is about my husband and I building our own kitchen/dining extension so here you'll find updates on our progress, we're in the early stages of the preperation so you haven't missed much. After being let down by builders not turning up to give quotes, we thought we would do it ourselves. After all if they can't turn up to give us a price how can we expect them to turn up and do the work? I  thought I'd share this, well how hard can it be?

The shop: will take you over to my website shop...simple! just click on the image.

Here on the home page you'll find my current news and views from everything and anything, so to begin this new blog this is what I've been working on today....

*Ride it Like you Stole it*

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